3M Strip Light 3K 4K

3M Strip Light 3K 4K

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Use this LED strip light indoors or outdoors to create stunning lighting effects. Create different moods with our colour changing strip light model which lets you select from a Cool or Warm white. Includes joining connector so you can join multiple strip lights together or cut to the required length and re join.

Remote control.
3m strip light.
600 Lumens.
Connectable. (up to 11 meters)
Colour changing.

Our LED strip light comes on a handy m roll finished with 3M adhesive backing for simple installation that you can easily apply on any dry flat surface (preferably wipe with isopropyl alcohol for best results). Take note of where you are going to power the strip lights as they require a power outlet. Pro Tip: Hide the strip light below or behind a wall or flat surface so that the LED’s are not directly visible but the light from them is. Alternatively, you can fit the strip light into an aluminium channel with a diffuser panel to spread the light evenly. If the surface you are using is too rough for the adhesive strip you can use cable routing clips

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